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Nanoheterogeneous catalysis: Definition, state, and research prospects (Review)
S. N. Khadzhiev
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Titanium–magnesium nanocatalysts of polymerization (Review)
I. E. Nifant’ev, O. V. Smetannikov, A. N. Tavtorkin, M. S. Chinova
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Nanoheterogeneous ruthenium-containing catalysts based on dendrimers in the hydrogenation of aromatic compounds under two-phase conditions
E. A. Karakhanov, A. L. Maximov, A. V. Zolotukhina, M. V. Terenina
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Palladium-containing graphene-like materials: Preparation and application as hydrogenation catalysts
P. A. Kalmykov, A. A. Arbuzov, N. A. Magdalinova, B. P. Tarasov
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Hydrofining of light cycle oil over in situ synthesized nickel–tungsten sulfide catalysts
I. A. Sizova, A. L. Maksimov
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Fischer–Tropsch synthesis in the presence of nanosized iron-polymer catalysts in a fixed-bed reactor
S. N. Khadzhiev, M. V. Kulikova, M. I. Ivantsov, L. M. Zemtsov
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Features of Fischer–Tropsch synthesis in the presence of an iron-containing catalyst supported on the surface of spherical nanosilica
A. S. Lyadov, N. J. Coville
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Fischer–Tropsch synthesis in the presence of ultrafine iron-containing catalysts derived from reverse microemulsions
M. V. Kulikova, M. V. Chudakova, O. S. Dement’eva, M. I. Ivantsov
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