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Catalysis in the dispersed phase: Slurry technology in the synthesis of dimethyl ether (Review)
S. N. Khadzhiev, N. N. Ezhova, O. V. Yashina
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Methanol synthesis in a three-phase slurry reactor with ultrafine catalysts
M. I. Ivantsov, M. V. Kulikova, M. A. Gubanov, O. S. Dement’eva…
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Dimethyl ether to olefins conversion in a slurry reactor: Effects of the size of particles and the textural and acidic properties of the MFI-type zeolite
N. V. Kolesnichenko, S. V. Konnov, V. S. Pavlov, O. V. Yashina…
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Oxidative cracking of crude oil by hydrogen peroxide in the presence of iron oxide nanoparticles
V. I. Lesin, S. V. Lesin, E. V. Ivanov
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Hydrodearomatization catalysts based on molybdenum hexacarbonyl Mo(CO)6 supported on mesoporous aromatic frameworks
A. L. Maksimov, E. A. Karakhanov, L. A. Kulikov, M. V. Terenina
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Nickel–molybdenum sulfide naphthalene hydrogenation catalysts synthesized by the in situ decomposition of oil-soluble precursors
I. A. Sizova, A. L. Maksimov
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Formation of an iron-containing catalytic nanoparticle during the three-phase Fischer–Tropsch synthesis: Molecular modeling
V. B. Tsvetkov, M. V. Kulikova, S. N. Khadzhiev
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Ex situ synthesis of sulfided molybdenum-containing ultrafine hydroconversion catalysts
Kh. M. Kadiev, S. N. Khadzhiev, M. Kh. Kadieva, E. S. Dogova
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A study of the catalytic steam cracking of heavy crude oil in the presence of a dispersed molybdenum-containing catalyst
O. O. Mironenko, G. A. Sosnin, P. M. Eletskii, Yu. K. Gulyaeva
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